General Questions

These questions apply to all District services that you may have interactions with in the present or the past.

* 1. What do you consider to be the number one conservation problem in Hamilton County?

* 2. How and when did you first encounter information from the Hamilton Co. Soil and Water Conservation District?

* 3. In which watershed do you live?

* 4. What is your opinion of the Hamilton Co. Soil and Water Conservation District?

* 5. Have you visited the website for the Hamilton Co. Soil and Water Conservation District ( ) ?

* 6. Do you follow us on social media platforms? [Select all that apply]

* 7. If you have called the office, how was your service over the phone?

* 8. If you have visited our office, how was your customer service at the counter?

* 9. Did the District Employee give a good explanation to your inquiry?

* 10. Are you aware that the District has a new office location as of May 24, 2017? (The new location is: 1325 East Kemper Rd. Suite 115,  Kemper Park Office Park, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246)

* 11. If you would like to entered into a drawing to win a $50 restaurant gift card, please provide following contact information. You may choose to remain anonymous, and not be entered into the drawing.

* 12. Which of the following services of District have you used or interacted with? (Please select one. If you have interacted with more than one area, you will have an opportunity on the next page to select another program or service.)