Should you Adopt it? What's Missing?

Global trends are increasingly leading the way when it comes to consumers’ food choices and today’s consumers are increasingly focussed on sustainability, provenance, traceability, freshness and the quality and health properties of food. This presents huge opportunities for those in the food and agri-business sectors who can respond to these shifts, and a considerable challenge and even risk for those who don’t.

Regenerative agriculture is one way in which farmers can remain profitable by ensuring their farm products meet these demands, which is why the State government through the Department of Primary Industries and Resource Development (DPIRD / DAFWA) has started looking into these practices. The seven regional natural resource management (Landcare) organisations in WA have been funded by StateNRM to conduct this survey to find out what the key barriers are that might stop farmers and others from actually taking up regenerative agriculture. The results will be provided to DPIRD to help guide their future priority research.

The survey is anonymous and does not ask for any personal or financial information. It is only two pages long and should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your input into the survey, which will help inform State investment into the sector.

For info: Regenerative farming is a holistic concept that is proposed nationally and internationally to transition agriculture to becoming a truly sustainable industry. The term “regenerative” is more accurate than “sustainable” because the practice regenerates and stabilizes soils, increases biodiversity, captures carbon, improves the water cycle and provides ecosystem services, by reducing or eliminating many conventional/industrial farming practices such as excessive ploughing and the widespread over-use of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc.).

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* 1. What shire do you reside in?

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* 2. Are you mainly a:

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* 3. As a land manager, do you implement sustainable farming / regenerative farming practices?

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* 4. As a land manager, should regenerative farming be a priority for support and research

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* 5. As a land manager, I believe that a farm should prioritise the production of:

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