We are inviting as many members, councils, agencies, schools and employees to contribute to the UCA Act2 Project through sharing your insights to help shape and guide our further conversations.

Before you contribute to this survey, please read the introductory paper first.

The UCA Act2 Project arose from a decision at the July 2020 Assembly Standing Committee that adopted the following statement to guide this work:
Belonging to the people of God on the way, praying for the gift of the Spirit and entering into a period of self-examination of our life we are guided by the vision of the Basis of Union and embody rich and diverse expressions of the Church.

Living in a time of significant change, we heed the invitation of the Basis of Union to consider afresh the ordering of our lives so that we can live out our common commitment to the Church’s mission and to demonstrate our unity.

Our task is to identify and implement sustainable structures, practices and ways of working which:
  1. Create an enabling environment for local communities of worship, witness, service and discipleship formation.
  2. Foster a cohesive national character of the Church and collaborative ways of working across the Church.
  3. Fulfil the Church’s legal, ethical and social obligations.
In all this we recognise that in his own strange way Christ constitutes, rules and renews us as his Church.