1. Please Enter the following information.

2. Please rate our customer service using the following scale.

  Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent
Sufficient information on program options provided by Fort staff
Ease of reservations process (booking, payment, etc.)

3. How would you rate your overall experience?

  Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent
Overall Experience

4. Please rate the following aspects of your program experience.

  Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent N/A
Hands-on activities for students
Age-appropriateness of program
Curriculum relevance
Ability to hold students’ attention
Adequate staff

5. What activities did your students enjoy?

6. What were the greatest strengths of the program instructor(s)?

7. In what ways could the program instructor(s) improve?

8. How did you find out about this program? (Please check all that apply.)

9. What new programs or services would you like to see offered by FWHP?

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