Group Safety Agreement


It is essential for the emotional safety of our group that confidentiality be respected at all times.

It is not okay to share other people’s stories inside or outside the group, even if you do not share their names.

It is okay to share your feelings and ways that people’s stories touched you. You can share your own story and what you have learned about yourself in this group.

People will share what they want to share about their stories. Though you can share with someone how their story touched you, we do not need to ask follow-up questions.

Please be in a confidential space where no one else can see or hear your smartphone or computer.

In respect for everyone please do not be in a public space or where there is disruptive background noise.

Headphones offer the best sound experience and add to confidentiality.

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* 3. By participating in virtual support, I verify that I have read and agree with the Virtual Group Safety Agreement.