Welcome to the MLA Paralibrarian Section Nomination form for Outstanding Library Support Staff 2018

Please provide the full name, address (can be library address), email and library name for each of the following

* 1. Who is your nominee?

* 2. Who is your nominee's director or supervisor?

* 3. Who are you?

* 4. Please describe in what ways your nominee has surpassed expectations. Give specific detailed examples.

* 5. Choose one program or project your nominee has created or participated in that demonstrates their problem-solving skills. Explain your candidate’s role in this project. Give examples of their can-do approach.

* 6. Please give an example of areas in which your nominee has become involved in promoting libraries and librarianship at the local/network, state, regional, or national level. Have they joined any committees, attended any conferences? Do they contribute to newsletters or blogs? Give as much detail as possible.

* 7. How does your nominee exemplify the ideal that true professionalism is not limited to degreed librarians?

* 8. Is there anything else we should know about your nominee that will show how they stand out from all the other stellar paralibrarians in our state?