Horse Palace Survey Background

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION FULLY BEFORE RESPONDING. Survey will be available until June 12th at Noon. 

ABOUT THE HORSE PALACE: The Horse Palace located at 670 Bronco Drive was constructed in 1972. The facility is comprised of a 335’ x 185’ by 24’ tall, pre-engineered metal building and also includes a 20’x60’ main entry and administrative spaces. The building consists of a dirt floor arena, spectator grandstands and mezzanine, café/kitchen, bar, announcer and rodeo official viewing areas, administrative offices, patrol queuing entry and support spaces. There have been questions regarding the income and expense at the Horse Palace that we want to clarify. Certainly, as with any of the amenities, we are striving to get them at the break-even point. In 2018, the Horse Palace revenue was a little under $43,000 for the year with expenses for 2018 around $130,000 for that year. Through September of this year (2019) revenue is down at around $25,000 year to date and expenses at $124,000. 

GOAL OF SURVEY: SCA would like to hear the community's feedback regarding the use at the Spring Creek Horse Palace. In no way is this survey intended to alienate users of the horse palace, it is simply to understand what the community wants to see and gather ideas for possible use.  The findings and conclusions from the report noted significant work needed to the grading around the facility, roof and surface draining issues, erosion control, replacement of metal walls, and replacement of the roof, replacement of the mechanical and electrical systems totaling millions of dollars to fix. As an example, the roof replacement alone will cost over $1 Million Dollars. We would like to plan the roof, HVAC and lighting together although, until we know what type of flooring (currently dirt) is needed, we cannot properly design an HVAC or other system to meet the needs of the building.  Keep in mind, the facility is used more in the winter months by equestrian users as it is considered an indoor facility. If the facility was a multi-use facility many people and organizations would be competing for space and time with different needs during these same winter months.

BACKGROUND: The Spring Creek HOA commissioned a facility analysis on the Spring Creek Horse Palace Facility in 2016. The focus of the analysis was to examine the existing condition of the facility, building structure, mechanical and electrical systems and the site conditions adjacent to the building. The main goal was to determine a plan of action to fix the many years of deferred maintenance at the facility and develop a budget to do so. Maintenance of the facility over the years has been inadequate due to the limited funding availability and allocation of funding necessary. Usage of the facility has dwindled over the years due to various factors including usage of the facility during inclement weather due to the condition of the roof, shell and HVAC (heating) systems.

NEXT STEPS: Please complete the short survey attached. This survey is NOT a formal vote by the residents; it is for information purposes so the board understands the community’s thoughts. We will review feedback and post results via social media, website and e-blast. From there, we will schedule additional Community Meetings for more feedback.
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