Welcome to the Seneca County Brew Tour! We are excited for you to get to enjoy the amazing breweries that Seneca County has to offer. Completing the official Seneca County Brew Tour passport is simple.

1. Visit each brewery on the tour (The Tiffin Brewery, The UrbanWoody Brewery, and The Laird Arcade Brewery).

2. Make a purchase of your choice at each brewery. After you complete your purchase, ask the employee who served you for the secret code word. Click the appropriate dropdown word that matches the code word and let us know what you had at each location!

3. To complete your passport, you must #lovelocal in someway in addition to completing the brewery stops. Visit a local shop, restaurant, etc. and make a purchase (Please note, this must be a purchase outside of the three breweries).

4. Complete the passport once you have ALL the information collected. Once the form is complete, show the final score screen with a 100% correct to your last brewery on the tour and receive your one-of-a-kind and official Seneca County Brew Tour howler (as seen below)! Please note the employee MUST see the 100% score in order to reward the howler to participants. After you receive your howler, then you may click OK to clear the screen!

**Your answers for the brewery code words will NOT autosave, so please write them down in a safe place as you go through completing the tour. Look for code word tracking sheets at participating breweries to help you out!**

Click the next page to complete the Seneca County Brew Tour passport!

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