The purpose of this form is for grant recipients to provide information to the Canner Funds Board regarding the outcome of funded programs.

To Ensure your consideration for future grants, please comply with these requirements.

1.   Submit your summary by February 1.  Summaries for activities occuring after that date must be submitted by May 31.

2.  E-mail three high-resolution photos to (include captions in the body of your e-mail).

If you have any questions regarding this form or your funding please email

* 1. Grant Recipient(s):

* 2. Upper Adams School District Group benefiting from your grant:

* 3. Project Completion Date:


* 4. Project Name:

* 5. Grant Amount:

* 7. Summary of work completed through this funding:

* 8. Summary of outcomes achieved, activities, and findings:

* 9. General reflections on the use and value of this grant:

* 10. Additional Comments: