The Association for Conservation Information will be giving 5 states $50,000 each to implement marketing strategies to accomplish recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) of hunters and shooters. These marketing strategies will need to be measurable with the number one focus of the results being license sales.

The goal of this Multistate Conservation Grant under the PR Modernization Act is to:

Discover state-applicable and successful  R3 marketing tactics that can be documented and replicated in other states;
Achieve R3 of hunters and recreational shooters that demonstrates a return on investment of MSCG funds; and
Encourage states to employ R3 marketing and raise the profile of how R3 marketing accomplishes R3.

Examples of what your project might be:
·         Establish Social Influencer Marketing Strategies
·         Develop Marketing Strategies that Institute Churn Rate Control
·         Create Social Media Ad Campaigns to accomplish R3
·         Geofencing projects targeting ranges, retailers, public lands or any other areas
·         Institutionalize a Comprehensive “Shooting Sports to Hunter Customer Journey"

A committee of ACI Members will be choosing the grant funding recipients, and we will strive to choose one state per AFWA region. States will work with the committee to ensure campaigns follow marketing best practices, are properly evaluated, and replicable. Pilot results will be collected into usable reports and shared with all agencies.

Draft Timeline:
January-February 12 2023 - Applications submitted

Early March 2023 - Recipients selected

March to December 2023 - Marketing strategies/campaigns implemented

January 2024 - Reports submitted on campaign performance and posted on the knowledge warehouse to be hosted on the ACI website and R3 Clearinghouse with case studies, all lessons learned, and best practices.  

Question Title

* 1. What state agency are you applying for? (note only state fish and wildlife agencies may apply)

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* 2. In what Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Region is your state located? Check all that apply.

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* 3. Why would your state be the best pilot case for implementing an R3 Marketing project?

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* 4. Is R3 important to you and your agency? Why?

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* 5. 1.       Please comment on how your project could be repeated in other states.

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* 6. Attach your marketing plan here.
Create an project overview document including your budget details, goals, tactics, target audience, how you will measure your effect on R3 (license sales) and timeline for implementation. Examples of past projects can all be found in the R3 Clearinghouse at

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