1. Informed Consent & Purpose Statement

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Question Title


Title of Project: Attitudes of students and recent graduates of chiropractic educational programs regarding curricular content, preparation for practice and the future of the chiropractic profession.

This project has been approved by the Human Subjects Committee (IRB) of Life University in Marietta Georgia USA.

For information about the study please contact the Principal Investigator: Matthew McCoy DC, MPH:

The profession is involved in serious discussion regarding issues facing chiropractic education and how those issues relate to clinical practice.

We are conducting a survey of the profession to be focused on current senior level students and practitioners who have graduated within the past two years in order to get their views on these issues. In order to do that we need to devise a valid survey instrument and are conducting a Delphi Consensus Process to determine the questions that will be asked.

We are requesting your participation in this process.

You will be asked to participate by providing questions that you feel will garner the most helpful information regarding how well the chiropractic educational process is preparing graduates for clinical practice as well as how students and recent graduates feel about the future of the profession.

Through a structured series of reviews these questions will then be reworked until consensus is reached that we have a survey which will address much of the concerns we would like to explore.

By answering below you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above information and agree to participate in this study.