Resource Directory Updates and New Listing Requests

The State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services is charged with maintaining a web-based directory of statewide resources and information available to pregnant women about pregnancy-related services.  This directory was created to comply with Alaska Statute (AS) 18.05.032, “Information relating to pregnancy and pregnancy alternatives”, AS 18.16, “Regulation of Abortions”, and Alaska Administrative Code 7 AAC 55.680, “Website information related to pregnancy and pregnancy alternatives”:  

 AS 18.05.032:
State of Alaska’s Informed Consent website:

In order to assure that all appropriate agencies and providers have the option to be listed in this directory, we have utilized publicly available lists from the State of Alaska’s Business and Professional Licensing site:; due to overlap among these lists, you and your agency may receive multiple requests.  The “Agency Reference Number” you list below will help us to maintain accurate information for you and/or your agency with regard to this website.  You can find the “Agency Reference Number” in the postal mail or email invitation letter you received. If you/your agency is completing this form for the first time, leave the "Agency Reference Number" blank.

For questions regarding this survey or the Resources Directory, please contact Kelly Keeter at (907)269-3461 or email us at 

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* 1. Agency Reference Number (e.g., MD-XXX, ANP-XXX, AKBL-XXX, etc.); please refer to the letter/email from us requesting updated information for this website. For new agencies/listings, leave blank.

NOTE: As described in the introduction above, you/your agency may have received more than 1 invitation to participate in our Resource Directory on this website; for your convenience, you may list multiple Agency Reference Numbers below in your response to this survey, as long as all of the information you provide below is identical for all individuals/agencies/facilities you include herein.

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* 2. Would you like to list you/your agency on this website?