Anoka County residents, your voice matters!
Anoka County is currently revising the Solid Waste Master Plan to guide proper waste management for the next 20 years. It will include strategies to divert waste from the landfill and comply with the state 75% recycling law by 2030. As residents, we produce waste every day, which means you have a stake in managing our resources properly. The Master Plan will effect everyone, please provide your feedback so they may be taken under advisement in the development of strategies to manage waste and recycling over the coming years. In 2016 Anoka County recycled 52% of its waste, help us plan to reach the 75% goal by providing your input in the survey.

During the planning process, Anoka County residents, businesses, cities and townships, waste haulers and processors, and others will provide input to help shape strategies for the Master Plan.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

* 1. Agree or Disagree? “I try to reduce the amount of trash I need to throw away.”

* 2. Do you recycle?

* 3. How useful would the following be to help your household reduce trash? (Very useful, Somewhat useful, Not useful, N/A)

  Very Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful N/A
Information on how to reduce food waste
Information about how reducing food waste can help me
Information about reducing packaging
Information about waste reduction during the holidays
Free bins to borrow and/or technical assistance to hold zero waste events (parties, gatherings, large events, etc.)

* 4. What items do you recycle? Mark all that apply

  Curbside Municipal Drop-off Facility Private Drop-off Facility
Aluminum cans
Steel/tin cans
Plastic bottles and jugs
Plastics tubs (margarine, sour cream, yogurt tubs)
Plastic deli containers
Plastic bags
Paper bags
Mixed paper/junk mail
Cartons (milk, juice, soup)
Telephone books
Glass bottles and jars
Clothing and/or furniture
Scrap metal
Car batteries
Waste oil
Automotive tires
Building/construction materials

* 5. What makes recycling hard? Mark all that apply:

* 6. To meet state recycling requirements over the next few years, recycling education and technical assistance will be emphasized in Anoka County.

How useful would the following be to help your household recycle everything that can be recycled?

  Very Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not Helpful Not Applicable N/A
Receive specific and standardized information about what can be recycled, where, and how
Information on all recycling carts/dumpsters about what can be recycled
Feedback from my hauler when I try to recycle things that are not recyclable
Provide apartment complexes with signs and infrastructure to make recycling easier
A bigger cart
More frequent collection of my bin/cart

* 7. Do you have any suggestions for improving drop-off sites located in Anoka County? Mark all that apply:

* 8. Which drop-off center(s) or site(s) do you use?

* 9. Recycling and organics collection (food scraps, compostable paper) must expand significantly to achieve the state's goal to recycle 75% of the waste in Anoka County by 2030.

How important are the following programs to increase organics collection, and decrease trash? (Very Important, Somewhat Important, Not Important, NA)

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important N/A
Curbside collection of organics in a separate cart
Closer drop-off facility
Provide organics bags for residents
Curbside collection of organics mixed with yard waste
Curbside collection of organics in an identifiable, separate bag, placed on top of your trash in your trash cart.  

* 10. Anoka County uses the term 'organics' to describe materials that can be turned into compost at an industrial composting facility.  From the following list of materials select yes or no if you think that item is accepted at organics recycling drop-off locations in Anoka County.

  Yes No
Food scraps - fruit/vegetables, meat, dairy, coffee grounds, & bones
Food soiled paper - pizza boxes, paper towels
Certified compostable products - BPI certified tableware, napkins, etc.
Non-recyclable paper - paper towel/toilet paper cores, egg cartons, facial tissue
Floral trimmings and house plants
Foil lined products - chip bags, juice boxes, candy wrappers
Pet/human waste - Cat litter, animal bedding, diapers, feminine hygiene products
Products with chemicals or synthetic fibers - dryer sheets, cleaning wipes, etc.

* 11. What would be the most in monthly fees you would be willing to pay for once-a-week curbside collection for organics (food scraps, pizza boxes, facial tissues, paper towels, etc.)?

* 12. How do you dispose of appliances, automotive batteries, motor oil, and tires?

  Appliances Automotive Batteries Motor Oil Tires
Take to a recycling drop-off center
Scrap metal dealer or auto repair/parts store
Trade in when buy new
Wait for special collection days in my city
Throw in trash
I have none
Put out to curb

* 13. What do you do with unwanted electronics such as televisions, cell phones, and computers?

  Unwanted electronics
Send back to the company
Take to a recycling drop-off center
Scrap metal dealer or auto repair/parts store
Trade in when buy new
Giveaway, donate to charity
Wait for special collection days
Throw in trash
I have none
Put out to curb

* 14. The following question is about the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility in Blaine. The HHW Facility offers free drop-off for items such as paint and household chemicals (i.e. fertilizers, cleaners, used oil/filters, etc.). 

Have you or someone in your household, taken paint or household chemicals (i.e. Fertilizers, cleaners, used oil, etc.) to the HHW facility?

* 15. If no, why not? Check all that apply.

* 17. What type of home do you live in?

100% of survey complete.