Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are self-contained, smaller living spaces that are an extension of an existing property. An ADU has its own kitchen, bath and sleeping area but is not considered a separate property that could be sold on its own.  Learn more about ADUs, their history in Denver, and what they look like today.   

In 2019, the city updated Blueprint Denver, its land use and transportation plan. Blueprint Denver calls for the city to remove barriers to ADU construction and to review and adjust zoning rules so ADUs fit into a variety of neighborhood contexts. This project will not rezone any properties. It will look at how ADUs are designed, how they fit in with different types of neighborhoods and block patterns, and how updates to the zoning code may reduce barriers to creating ADUs. 

As part of this project’s public outreach strategy, we want to learn more about your experience with ADUs, the concerns and challenges associated with building them, how they fit into different neighborhoods, and what you think might make it easier to build them. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.    

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* 1. What has been your experience with ADUs? (Check all that apply)

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* 2. If you rezoned your property to allow ADUs but did not end up building an ADU, why did you not end up building an ADU? (skip if irrelevant)

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* 3. If you went through the process to rezone your property to allow ADUs but did not finish the process, what is the reason you did not complete the process? What part of the process was the most challenging?

The ADUs in Denver project has organized potential issues into four general categories.  
1. Impact on Neighbors/Community (including issues such as parking, privacy, neighborhood fit, potential displacement) 
2. Design/Construction/Buildability (including issues such as permitting, minimum lot size, minimum square footage, building form, accessibility) 
3. Cost and Affordability (including issues such as cost of construction, cost of infrastructure, cost to rent) 
4. Use and Use Allowances (including issues such as whether duplexes and multifamily properties can have an ADU if their zoning allows)

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* 4. To what extent do you agree that these four general categories represent the issues correctly?

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* 5. Are we missing anything from the categories and issues identified above? 

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