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To request a paper copy of the survey or the survey in another format or language, please contact: reimaginetheparkway@gmail.com.
About the Planning Effort
Working with the community (that's you!), the City, and stakeholders, the design team will guide the creation of a Public Realm Plan for future changes to improve the appeal, use, safety, functionality, and beauty of the Parkway. 

The project planning process will last 12-18 months and will include in-depth public engagement. For more information about the project and schedule, please visit the website: www.phlparkway.com
About this Survey
This public survey is part of the first round of engagement to help refine the vision and goals for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Public Realm Plan and gather the priorities for uses of the Parkway from a diverse audience. For other ways to get involved visit www.phlparkway.com
While the Benjamin Franklin Parkway extends from LOVE Park to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the planning area focuses on the area between Logan Square to Eakins Oval. Please see the design planning area boundaries map below. As you take the survey, please think about the "Parkway" within the planning area focus.
Your feedback and ideas are important to help guide the Reimagine the Parkway planning effort!
Thank you for taking 8-10 minutes to provide your feedback!

Question Title

Below is a map of the planning area boundary. Click here for an enlarged view.

Below is a map of the planning area boundary. <a href="https://www.designworkshop.com/benjamin-franklin/Boundary-Map_220610.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Click here for an enlarged view.</a>
11% of survey complete.