Introduction and Consent

What is this for?

An independent unfunded research group called ‘LymeResearchUK ‘, have undertaken to find out about the experiences of people with Lyme disease - in particular testing. The information will be used for a policy report and academic publications.

What is the research for?

The survey is being co-ordinated by Kate Bloor, an independent researcher, according to professional standards. 

Please note that 'NHS' can be taken to mean the 'national health service' in whichever part of the UK or Eire you were treated or live in, including Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or Eire.

When is this happening?

It is due to open online from now until the end of JUNE 2019

Who can participate.

People diagnosed by a professional with Lyme disease in the UK and Ireland/Eire. If you fill this in on someone elses behalf you must get their written permission. 

What does it involve?

About 15 -20 minutes of your time.

Is the research ethical and confidential?

Yes. The questionnaire can be filled in anonymously. Any information about your case will be ‘summarised’ with others, and all 'personal information' removed. No-one will be able to identify your personal details or history in any report. Personal information will not be stored or shared.

Note:  For the purposes of this survey, 'lyme disease' is defined as a diagnostic label and/or process where a disease state is attributed to exposure to lyme infection /borrelia. 

You may contact us with questions if you wish beforehand.

Question Title

1. I have read the information provided about the survey and give consent for my answers to be used for the stated purposes

Question Title

2. Eligibility to complete survey.
I am: