Welcome to the Indie List Survey 2021

The annual Independent Production Survey ranks Canadian production companies based on the volume of Canadian film and TV/OTT production they handled in the 2020 calendar year. The results will be published online in late summer as part of our Indie List package.


The survey measures all production and development by volume on a calendar year basis.

Volume is expressed in terms of total screen-entertainment production budget(s) handled by a company. (This does not include advertising or corporate/commercial production.) Proprietary independent production and service production are tallied separately.

Please tally all feature film, TV/OTT and digital entertainment projects you produced during 2020 and tell us the total of these budgets. If a production overlapped with either the beginning or the end of 2020, include only the portion of the project handled during the calendar year. Similarly, also include the total amount spent on development in 2020. 

*What we will publish in the Indie List: total production spend, total development spend, total service production spend, total feature production spend, total production spending broken down by genre*

**What we won’t publish: per-project production spending, per-project development spending – while we ask you to include the spend for individual projects, we will not publish any of this information**

Reminder: Spend is self-reported and works on the honour system – please be as accurate as possible! This is an industry-only list... and the industry knows! 


If you are having any problems with this survey email: Jordan Pinto (jp.pinto@brunico.com)