Guidelines for submitting ACS Clinical Congress Proposals

The International Relations Committee's (IRC) Program Subcommittee recommends that all submissions incorporate one or more of these guidelines while developing their proposals.

These guidelines will ensure that proposals reflect the primary aim and scope of the International Relations Committee of the ACS.

While these guidelines are recommended as a broad framework, it is not intended to exclude any proposals that can further the global scope and impact of the American College of Surgeons.

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Proposals should incorporate the following guidelines:

1.     Have a global theme or purpose and preferably not be restricted to one nation or region of the world in impact. This does not exclude compelling proposals from individual nations or regions of the world, particularly from low to middle-income countries.

2.     Avoid highly complex and extremely disease-specific topics unless there is relevance to surgeons beyond one nation or region of the world (highly disease-specific topics are likely to be covered by another disease-specific committee).

3.     Members are encouraged to submit topics of particular relevance to IRC in the below areas with a focus on the global stage if possible:

a.     Surgical education

b.     Research (with emphasis on the Global South)

c.      Workforce (International Medical Graduates issues and opportunities etc)

d.     Surgeon professional development

e.     Surgeon Well-Being across various resource settings

f.       Advocacy and health policy related to surgeons/international issues (examples below):

                              i.     Role of international medical graduates in surgery

                             ii.     Collaboration of ACS with partner surgical societies to elevate advocacy for surgeons and related issues

g.     Variations in care between the US and the rest of the world (examples below):

                              i.     Variations in postoperative opioid prescription between the US and the rest of the world

                              ii.      Variation of the approach to gastric cancer between Japan, Europe and the US

h.     Diseases relevant to the US but with another part of the world having more experience (examples below):

                              i.     Lessons learned from Beirut about mass casualty management

                              ii.     Lessons learned from Sub Saharan Africa about surgical management of intestinal tuberculosis

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* 5. Description - Please provide a brief description of your proposal. No more than 1,000 characters.

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* 6. Please select one of the following non-clinical taxonomy for your proposal

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* 7. Please select the competencies that best match your proposal. You may select more than one.

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* 8. Please consider adding any Committees and Advisory Councils to include in your proposal, as the Program Committee looks favorably on sessions with a co-sponsoring committee.  

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