The aim of this survey is to discover the extent to which measures imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis may now become the 'new normal.' The data you provide in this survey is crucial to helping Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union (TEU) contribute to planning which reflects your needs and the purpose of tertiary education in Aotearoa New Zealand in the future.
We are currently in a situation where there is some hope that the pandemic crisis will abate in the foreseeable future, but many crisis-response conditions remain in our institutions, and regional lockdowns continue to shape the context of the tertiary education sector.
The impact of changes imposed because of COVID-19 have been recorded by TEU in two previous surveys of both general and academic staff conducted during April-May and August-September 2020 (TEU 2020a; 2020b).

This survey asks about the issues that were most frequently commented on by respondents in these previous surveys regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their institutions and working conditions.
Previous respondents noted:
"[It isHard to know what is pandemic and what is for other reasons" (TEU 2020b, p.5).

"Staff are basically working under the threat of imminent structural change (read: redundancies) which seems like disaster managerialism – the use of the impact of COVID-19 on international enrolments [is being used] as a pretext to force through structural changes with minimal opposition"(TEU 2020b, p.16).

This survey is anonymous and no identifying information will be associated with your responses. The data you provide will only be used to shape TEU policy and reported as part of TEU advocacy work. Filling out the questionnaire constitutes informed consent. You can choose to be sent a copy of the results of this survey, as well as other information relevant to TEU.

The survey will take approximately 15-20 mins and there are 7 sections to complete:

1. Workload
2. Stress and well-being
3. Communications
4. Promotion and progression
5. Looking to the future
6. Demographic information
7. Next steps
This survey closes on Thursday 22 April, 5:00pm.

This survey has been developed by an external team. However, if you have any general queries or feedback, please contact the TEU Policy and Communications Team (
Notes on terminology:
  • 'Line management' is used to refer to your immediate managers, such as Heads of School/Admin, or Programme and Department Heads.
  • 'Senior Leadership Team' includes CEs/Vice-Chancellors and tier 2 and 3 managers (e.g. Pro Vice-Chancellors, University Faculty He