* 1. Your Name

* 2. Your Phone Number

* 3. Your Email Address

* 4. Your Mailing/Billing Address

* 5. Name and Age of Birthday Child

* 6. List up to 3 dates, in order of preference, when you would like to hold the party.

* 7. What time would you prefer the party to begin?

* 9. What message would you like on the cake? (ie Happy Birthday VS Happy 7th Birthday)

* 12. Please choose your cake design/theme. (We will use a real photograph of our Zoo animal on your cake!)

* 13. Please enter the color(s) you would like for your cake border (and/or balloon colors).  If you are choosing just the border, you can enter up to two colors, for the top and bottom of the cake.  If you are choosing the balloon design, you can enter up to four colors (for both balloons and border). Be sure to use descriptions like "light blue" vs "dark blue," or "hot pink" vs "pastel pink."  We will do our best to match from the bakery options.

* 14. Choose your preference for your Birthday Party Activities/Options. #1 is your top choice.  Two options are included in your Party package, but the Bounce House is only available when weather permits. We will substitute your #3 option if the Bounce House is not available for your party (if bounce house is in your top two choices).

* 15. Please rank the following animal options with #1 as your Top Choice, for your Animal Meet & Greet.

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