You have been identified as an important member of the stakeholder/steering/leadership committee for one or more of these Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) community-based initiatives:
  1. Access to Quality Care (A2QC)
  2. Healthy Communities (HC)
  3. Thriving in Place (TiP).

An essential component of each of these community-based initiatives is the quality and effectiveness of the collaborative partnership leading your efforts. As a member of that partnership, your opinion of the collaborative experience will help improve how the partnership functions.

We ask that you respond to these questions honestly and candidly. Your answers will be confidential. Neither MeHAF nor your Project Director will know how you as an individual member rated the items. The results of the survey will not be used by MeHAF to evaluate your project. Results will neither enhance nor reduce your project’s likelihood of receiving a Planning or an Implementation Grant. Instead, the tool is provided for technical assistance purposes only.

Once the members of your committee have shared input using the tool, this feedback will be tabulated and the summary results will be shared with the Project Director. These summary data will be used at a partnership meeting to discuss the strengths and areas of growth for your group, and strategies for improving how the group functions.


  1. Select the Collaboration Partnership Tool your partnership has selected to use.
  2. Using the drop down menu, select the MeHAF initiative in which you participate. If you are a member of the partnership of more than one of these MeHAF initiatives, please complete the form for each of the initiatives in which you are engaged. For example, if you are part of the Stakeholder Group in your community/county for Healthy Communities and the Steering Committee for Thriving in Place, you would complete the survey twice. You would select Healthy Communities as the drop down for the first survey and then respond to the questions as they apply to the Healthy Communities Stakeholder Group. After completing that survey, you would complete a second survey using the drop down selection for Thriving in Place and responding to questions reflecting your experience on the TiP Steering Committee.
  3. Using the next drop down menu, select the community/county or name of the grant project you are part of. For example if you are a TiP partner for the Bangor initiative, you would click on Bangor area.
  4. Think about your experience as a partner for this initiative and respond to these questions honestly.
  5. At the end of each page, hit the Next button.
  6. When you have completed all the questions, please hit the Done button.
We really appreciate your time completing this survey and the important work you are engaged in as part of your community-based initiative.