1. Identify yourself!

Christmas on SYN is a time for randomness. It's really about making sure that there are people in the studio for as much of the Christmas break as possible.

Wanna broadcast for whole morning? You got it. Always wondered what daily breakfast radio is like? Take a shot. Wrote a radio play? Perform it live.

If we know you well already from your other shows, this process will be easy for you. Name a timeslot, we'll do our best. We only need a rough sketch of your plans. Keep it quick - I've got shopping to do!

If you're newer around SYN, please do still apply, but if you have ambitious plans, you may miss out to people who've done more work around SYN over the year. It's like our little Christmas present to them.

Also, if this is your very first show, remember that there won't be anyone around to support you. What would you do if something goes wrong? I'd recommend applying for a show in January instead - you can find that form at syn.org.au/apply/choice

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* 1. What's yer name?

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* 2. Have you done a show on SYN before? What's your previous SYN experience?

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* 3. What timeslot(s) would you like?
Christmas Season runs from:
6am Monday December 20th
midnight Sunday January 2nd

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* 4. What will you do with your time on air? I don't need a full show application, just a rough idea.

If you're applying for a very long show, or a daily show, give me a bit of detail here.

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* 5. POP QUIZ! How well do you know SYN?