By taking just a few minutes to reflect on your time at Toora, you are helping us to improve our services and keep supporting women in the ACT.

* 1. What is your name? (You don't have to tell us, if you want to stay anonymous)

* 2. What was the primary issue that you came to Toora for?

* 3. What was a secondary issue that you discovered and worked on while at Toora?

* 4. What program did you attend whilst at Toora?

* 5. Please comment how the referral to this program complemented your journey at Toora?

* 6. Overall, how satisfied are you with the support received at Toora?

* 7. Was there anything that you found most helpful about our service?

* 8. Was there anything that we could have done better?

* 9. Are the services you received from us culturally appropriate? 

* 10. How important was it for you to be in a women's only service?

* 11. Did you feel that Toora was a safe and secure place for you and your children to stay ?

* 12. If you stayed at one of our residential properties, how would you rate the following?

  Poor Fair  Good
Overall condition of your room
Over condition of the property
After hours on call service

* 13. Would you recommend the service to others?

* 14. Do you have any other comments?