* 1. What school(s) does your child(ren) attend? (check all that apply)

* 2. I have lived in the Elkhart School District for:

* 3. How do you get information about your child(ren)'s campus?

  I get useful information from this source I do not use this information source I would like to use this information source more often
Notes from the Teacher
E-mail from the School or the Teacher
Classroom or School Newsletter
School District Website
Campus Pages on District Website
Parent Portal
School Messenger (automated phone calls)
Local Newspaper

* 4. Please indicate how often you attended these events during this school year.

  0 1-5 More than 5
Student Recognition or Honors Events
Family Nights
Student Performance Events (art show, play, band concert)
Student Performance Events (sports)
Open House or Parent/Grandparent events
Report Card Pickup
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Classroom Parties
School Committee Meetings

* 5. Please indicate all the activities in which you participated as a volunteer this year.

* 6. Please respond to these statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
I know how to reach my child(ren)'s teachers
School staff members are friendly
I feel welcome when entering the school

* 7. Please respond to the following statements. My child(ren)'s school:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Provides rigorous instructional programs
Is sensitive to the needs of a diversified population
Encourages parents and teachers to work together
Prepares students for college and the workforce
provides multiple opportunities for student extracurricular activities
Develops leadership skills in all students
Provides a safe environment for student learning
Supports positive behavior

* 8. Please respond to the following statement: Elkhart ISD is: