The Fair Trading Commission is undertaking a study into the Telecommunications Industry as part of its mandate to evaluate the quality and level of service delivery across economic sectors in Barbados. The aim of this exercise is to gain a greater understanding of the quality of service delivery in the Mobile Telephony Sector; identify the issues that are affecting customers; and address these issues in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, CAP. 326D.

In this pursuit, the Commission has developed a questionnaire, which collates the experiences of individuals regarding the quality of service provided by all providers of mobile telephony services in Barbados.

Your participation is very important to us as the feedback provided will allow us better understanding of the issues that exist in this industry.
Please be aware that all responses will be held in the strictest of confidence and no comments will be attributed to any individual in the writing of the final report.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Dava Leslie-Ward
Director, Consumer Protection