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* 5. Competitions (Please Select):

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* 6. Are you available to Captain your team this coming season?
(If 'No', please give reason – every player should take a turn as a Team Captain each season)

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* 7. All players not including reserves should be available to play at least 75% of matches.

Players must have paid their membership fees prior to submitting their nomination form.
Fees per competition as follows:
All Night/Twilight Tennis $75 per player (covers cost of lights and balls)
All Day Doubles Competition $50 per player (covers cost of balls)
All Day Singles/Doubles Competition $60 per player (additional can of balls)

Home teams are expected to provide refreshments for their opposition team.
An invoice for your League Fees will be sent out once teams have been finalised and lodged with Tennis West and must be paid within 14 days or you will no longer be eligible to play in your team.

If reserves are required to compile a full team then payment may not be required until the end of the season once all matches have been played. Players playing the minimum rounds to qualify may then be charged on a matches played basis.

No fee will be charged if you withdraw your nomination before teams are finalised. If you withdraw after teams are finalised you will be invoiced 25% of the relevant fee to cover Club administration and organisational costs.

Any queries contact either Trish Haffenden (Women’s competition) 0419 964 785 or
John Di Noto (Men’s competition)


For further information please refer to the Club’s website

Season Commences Saturday 16th October

**Don't forget to print this page for your own records if needed and select 'DONE' when complete**

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