Candidate Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Candidate! This application is for ALL offices that will serve or be elected at the 2020 Assembly - Presiding Officers, Executive Director of Lobbyists, Committee Chairs, Chaplains, Secretary of the Senate, Clerk of the House, Sgt-At-Arms of the Senate, Sgt-At-Arms of the House, Assistant Director of Lobbyists, all staff positions selected by the Major Officers, and all Media leadership roles.

This form is also to be used for Governor, Chief Justice, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State to serve at the 2021 Assembly.

There is a brief explanation and requirements of each position which you will see that based on the role that you are - legislators will only see the offices available to legislators, legislative assistants will only see the offices available to legislative assistants, lobbyists will only see the offices available for lobbyists, judicial only the offices available for judicial, and press students will only see the offices available for the press. 

Please complete and submit the application. Each application will be reviewed, and your Head Advisor contacted for approval. 

The Youth and Government office may use some candidates' comments for marketing purposes or for use in potential campaign booklet.

Deadline for applications is October 28, for all major offices and committee chairs, Clerks of the House, Secretary of the Senate, and Sgt-At-Arms for both the House and Senate only.

Assistant Director of Lobbyists, Staff Positions, Cabinet positions, and Bill Flow Clerks have a deadline of your Pre-Leg II date, which may be extended if needed.

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* 5. Have you participated a full year in Youth and Government?