Complete the registration questions to register for the Open House at LRA.

Each Attendee must complete a separate registration.

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* 1. Please enter your legal name and if applicable, fet/scene name and an email address where we can confirm your event registration. (Please note that you'll need to show a valid ID to enter the club)

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* 2. I acknowledge that I am 19 years of age and that I must bring valid Photo ID in order to attend the event.  I understand that I will be denied entrance to the club if I fail to bring Photo ID. I understand that I may attend the club as a guest only for the open house, and must purchase a membership or attend as the guest of a member in order to attend during member only hours. I understand that I will be expected to sign the standard guest waiver in order to be admitted.(Please type your legal name as your acknowledgement of these conditions).

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* 3. Please enter the date you would like to attend LRA's Open House.