Add your voice to the future of school libraries

The Softlink School Library Survey is your opportunity to have a say on the trends and issues facing school libraries.

The Survey was initially launched 10 years ago in response to an Australian Federal Government Inquiry into school libraries. Since then, the survey has grown to include schools in New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

This year we have changed some of our questions to explore some of the key findings/recommendations from the initial Inquiry and from New Zealand School responses in previous surveys.

Your responses will be used to develop a report containing valuable benchmark information on school library staffing, budgets, resources, changing roles and technologies, and other important issues.

In addition, the survey responses are used to create school library relevant feature documents featuring anonymous comments and feedback.

To learn more about the Survey and to view resources and reports produced from previous years, please click here

We appreciate your participation and encourage you to share this survey link with your colleagues.

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Survey closes 30 September, 2020.
8% of survey complete.