The City of Moline and Form for the Future project team want to hear your thoughts!

The Form for the Future project will use a different kind of zoning–a form-based code–to ensure that our downtown developments and streetscapes work together to create engaging, walkable, connected public spaces. Your input is crucial to shaping the future of Moline Centre.

Question Title

Project Area

<span style="color: #d66136;"><strong>Project Area</strong></span>

What is an image preference survey?
The following survey is an aid for discussing the elements of desired building and site design. It should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

How are images selected? 
The images in this survey include new construction examples of what COULD occur in the downtown in the future. 

How will the scores be used?
To help guide discussion about design elements throughout the development of the new zoning code for downtown. Please come join us at the Parklet Activity Space on June 3rd to share your thoughts. Visit to learn more about the community events.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!