Welcome to St Paul's 2017 Retreat Registration!

Please help us plan for the Retreat by providing the following information:

* 1. Please enter your email address below. After you've completed the registration form and pressed "done," a confirmation email will be sent to the address you enter here.

* 2. Who is coming to the Retreat? Please enter the first and last name of all 2017 Retreat-goers in your household, including any children.

* 5. The Retreat begins with dinner at 7 pm on Friday, September 29th, and ends after lunch on Sunday, October 1st. Please confirm your arrival and departure times.

* 6. Which type of accommodation do you prefer? Please make sure to review the description and cost of Retreat accommodations in the Retreat Brochure which is included in your email invitation.

* 7. Would you be willing to lodge with another parishioner outside of yourself/your group?

* 8. If you are already planning to room with someone else, please enter their name(s) here.

* 9. Do any Retreat-goers in your family have special requirements related to mobility, diet or allergies? If so, please list their names and needs here.

* 10. Need a ride: Will you need a lift to and/or from the Retreat location in Greenfield, New Hampshire?

* 11. Offer a ride: If you can offer a lift to someone else, how many riders would you be able to take with you (in addition to you/your group)?

* 12. Would you be willing to pay a fee for childcare during our All Parish Activity on Saturday morning, if a certified provider were available? This would be for children 5 and under.

* 13. Are you available to help with Retreat planning and/or support on the ground? The Retreat has many moving parts, so there's lots to do!

* 14. Please use this space to provide any other additional details about your Retreat plans or preferences.