Rule Chapter 180, Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) Systems, requires School Administrative Units (SAUs) to submit their local performance evaluation and professional growth systems to the Maine DOE for approval. Approval is contingent on compliance with MRSA Title 20-A, Chapter 508 and Rule Chapter 180. This submittal form allows SAUs to organize their submittal and enter the required information from Rule Chapter 180.

Completion of this form is not only required by Chapter 180, it also provides valuable information to Maine DOE to offer future guidance and support. Effective teachers and principals continually reflect on and seek opportunities to improve their practice. Routine self-assessment, feedback from supervisors and peers, and focused professional development are essential in supporting a teacher or principal in becoming and remaining a skillful educator. With these principles in mind, the Maine legislature enacted the Educator Effectiveness law in 2012. It is the first law in the state’s history to require every school administrative unit to implement a Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) system for teachers and principals that includes not only performance evaluation but also intentional structures of support for professional growth.

Completing the form

* Carefully read all response item instructions. Complete each item as indicated.

* Notice in each of the sections, some items pertain to the pilot year while others pertain to the implementation year.

* Include details on all elements about which your development committee has made decisions even if the element is not yet implemented.

* Using your PEPG handbook, this form will take approximately 4 hours to complete, but it can be completed in more than one sitting. There are a total of 69 items that require responses.

* Review submittal carefully. Once you "submit" the survey, you will not be able to return to make any changes.

Print a copy of your responses prior to exiting the form.

Organization of the form
This form is divided into four main sections:
I.  SAU Information (11 items-10 minutes to complete)
II. Teacher PEPG System  (27 items- 1.5 hours to complete)
III. Principal PEPG System (28 items- 1.5 hours to complete)
IV. Assurances (17 items- 40 minutes to complete)
Each section is further divided into subsections aligned with the elements and processes required in a PEPG system. Each subsection provides an overview of the system requirements as established in MRSA Title 20-A, Chapter 508 and/or Rule Chapter 180, and instructions for submitting content that will serve as evidence of the district's compliance with the law.  

Districts are encouraged to download a PDF of the form to review the items and prepare submittal responses prior to approaching this online form. If you make a mistake or need to change an answer after you have submitted the form, contact Educator Effectiveness Coordinator Charles Lomonte, at

Once you have completed your submittal, Maine DOE will review your responses and notify you within 30 days of your submittal with notice of approval, notice of missing or incomplete information, or notice of non-compliance and provisions for support.