Panzer Battles Survey

A survey to gather feedback from JTS customers specifically related to the Panzer Battles series of games.

* 1. All questions are optional, but if you would like a response please be sure to include your name and email address.

* 2. How did you hear about John Tiller Software (JTS)?

* 3. How do you game?

* 5. What theater or setting would you like further PzB titles released in? (rate in order of interest)

* 8. Which features are more important when considering purchasing a PzB title? Please rate in order of importance.

* 9. How would you like to interact and get information from JTS?

* 10. With future development in mind please rate the following in order of importance and/or leave further comments in the comment box at the end of the survey.

* 11. What do you like most about the PZB series? What do you like the least? Any further comments for us?