We want our school to be safe and welcoming for students. Students have the right to be treated with respect; do their best work; and enjoy relationships with other students and staff. This survey will help us learn what we can do to make our school a place where all students feel welcome. Please take the survey seriously—say what you really believe to be true.

All of the questions on this survey ask about behavior that has happened in your current school, during the current school year (2019-2020).  "In school" includes things that happen on the way to school, on the way home from school, or at school sponsored events like dances or athletic events.

The survey is anonymous. You do not put your name anywhere. The survey is also OPTIONAL—you can choose "no response" for any question, or you can choose not to do the survey at all. If there is a question you don't understand, you may either choose "no response," or raise your hand and I will come talk to you.

We are interested in knowing if students of varying backgrounds and from various groups experience school differently, so we will ask you about your gender identity and your race or ethnicity.

I will read some definitions to you:

"Bullying" means behavior that physically or emotionally harms another student, and therefore creates a difference in power between the two students; OR creates an environment where students do not feel safe to learn. Examples include physical intimidation or harm; mean-spirited teasing or teasing that is repeated over and over; rumor spreading; and cyber-bullying (using computers or other devices like cell phones) to create fear or harm.

"Harassment" is when students are bullied because of race or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, religion, or because they have a disability.

"Inappropriate Language" related to harassment and bullying means language that encourages prejudice or discrimination against people of a certain group, but is not directed at any particular person. An example is the phrase "that's so gay"; or "that's retarded".

If you have any questions during the survey, raise your hand and ask your teacher to help explain.