ESA Welcomes Your Feedback

Thank you for your interest in ESA's Four-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) Framework! This effort is organized by the Fundamental Ecology Concepts Task Force, created by the Committee on Diversity and Education (CDE) in 2014. Despite its name, the Task Force is recommending a 4DEE framework going far beyond concepts. 

For three decades, various committees and ecologists have called for a framework for ecoliteracy that would provide basic comprehension of necessary ecological terminology and concepts to improve informed public policy and other ecological problem-solving decisions. The 4DEE Framework is a response to that call. 

We welcome your feedback on how you might have already applied the framework in your teaching / program / projects and how you might use it in the future.  Your feedback will help us refine the framework and understand how we might be able to support your efforts.

To access the 4D framework, please visit

Thank you.

Fundamental Ecology Concepts Task Force
Alan Berkowitz, Carmen Cid, Jennifer Doherty, Diane Ebert-May, Ken Klemow, George Middendorf, Teresa Mourad and Bob Pohlad 


For technical issues with the survey, please contact Teresa Mourad, Director of Education and Diversity Programs

For questions about this initiative, please contact George Middendorf, Chair, Task Force