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Forty years ago, Annapolis Royal reinvented itself with the help of its community members. In 2021 AIRO (Annapolis Investments in Rural Opportunity) made a documentary sharing that process. We encourage you to watch our documentary, RURAL RENAISSANCE: How Canada’s Oldest Town Reinvented Itself, before participating in this survey.

The next phase of the Annapolis Rural Renaissance Project asks what the community would like to see happen in Annapolis Royal.

AIRO's first report, Local Logic: How to get there from here, was a community guide for its micro-lending model. A new report, Local Logic: Forty Years Forward, will be a guide for changemakers to help us continue to thrive and carry our rural renaissance well into the future.

Submit up to three ideas that could carry us 40 years forward! We’ll share these ideas at community consultation events where more ideas can be submitted, discussed, and worked into our public report.

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* 1. Are you a...

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* 2. What are up to three things you'd like to see added to or developed within Annapolis Royal to ensure we have a sustainable community 40 years from now? (each idea can be up to approximately 250 words - be as clear and concise as possible)

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* 3. Please provide your contact information if you'd like to be notified when community consultation meetings are happening and when the final report is released. Your name will not be publicly connected to your idea(s). Contact information will only be used to advise you of upcoming community consultations and the release of the report.  

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