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* 1. Evaluation Studio is doing this research study to help Girls Leadership and their AAPI Youth Research Council to improve their understanding of AAPI identity and how that identity impacts an understanding of leadership.

As a recognition of your time in filling out this survey, you will be asked to go to a separate link at the end of the survey and enter into a raffle for a $50 Visa Gift Card. There are twenty gift cards that will be raffled off. Entry into the raffle is a recognition of your time and effort in participating in this survey. Should you be one of the winners of the raffle, you will be notified through email on March 1, 2023. Virtual gift cards will be emailed to raffle recipients.

This survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The survey responses will be used to write a report about what was learned. This report will not include your name or that you were in the study. The data from this survey will be stored in Evaluation Studio's third-party, password-protected secure cloud storage.

You do not have to be in this study if you do not want to be. You can stop taking this survey at any time. If you stop taking this survey at any time, we will remove incomplete surveys from analysis. Additionally, if you want to make sure your survey is removed you may contact Linda Lu through email at or via phone at 773-633-7238. If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact Solutions IRB at (855) 226-4472 or

Survey participants in this study may not benefit directly, but it will help Girls Leadership learn more about how to open up leadership opportunities for AAPI girls and gender-expansive youth. These questions ask about how you think and identify as Asian American Pacific Islander in the United States, and may ask different kinds of questions about your family, different personality traits you identify with, and what a leader is to you. You may skip questions and end this interview at any time.

If you are between the ages of 16-22 and decide you want to continue with this survey, please mark yes. If you decide you do not want to be a part of this survey, please mark no.