To celebrate Nancy Davis Welch (1967 - 2015), Looney Math Consulting is offering our third annual evening of professional development for educators of mathematics working with students in grades K-8.
Nancy embodied the values of a true educator. She inspired learners with the confidence that with knowledge comes success. She touched the lives of numerous children both in the United States and beyond. She worked to support those who teach mathematics, embracing the ideals of creativity, perseverance, and dedication to the profession. Through this scholarship, we will continue her legacy of bringing the power of education to others.
If you feel either you or someone you would like to nominate, demonstrates the ideals that Nancy Davis Welch did, please complete the scholarship application below.
Applications deadline: March 15, 2018
Event Details:
June 7, 2018
3:30 - 7:00
Mansfield Holiday Inn

This year we are thrilled to announce that internationally sought after speaker, Steve Leinwand will be sharing his talk Clear Goals + Rich Tasks + Powerful Questions = the Magic of Great Math Lessons.

Steve Leinwand is a principal research analyst at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and has over 40 years of leadership positions in mathematics education. He currently serves as mathematics expert on a wide range of AIR projects that focus on high quality mathematics instruction, turning around under-performing schools, improving adult education, evaluating programs, developing assessments and providing technical assistance.

Before joining AIR in 2002, Leinwand spent 22 years as Mathematics Consultant with the Connecticut Department of Education where he was responsible for the development and oversight of a broad statewide program of activities in K-12 mathematics education including the provision of technical assistance and professional development, the evaluation of Title 1 and K-12 mathematics programs, the assessment of student achievement and teacher competency, and the coordination of statewide mathematics programs and activities. Steve has also served on the NCTM Board of Directors and has been President of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. Steve is also an author of several mathematics textbooks and has written numerous articles. His books, Sensible Mathematics: A Guide for School Leaders in the Era of Common Core State Standards and Accessible Mathematics: 10 Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement were published by Heinemann in 2012 and 2009 respectively. In addition, Leinwand was the awardee of the 2015 National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Glenn Gilbert/Ross Taylor National Leadership Award for outstanding contributions to mathematics education.
Participants will have access to materials shared and will gain the opportunity to network and meet others who share in their passion for mathematics education.

* 1. Please enter information for the person being nominated below:

* 2. Name three qualities that you or the person you are nominating possess that make him / her a good candidate to receive this award.

* 3. Name three ways  you or the person you are nominating demonstrates a passion for mathematics education.

* 4. Please describe a specific situation in which you or the person you are nominating made a difference in a student's life. (please do not use student's name)

* 5. Please share any other information as to why you think you or the person you are nominating will be likely to implement ideas shared at the professional development event.