Welcome to the fourth Family Impact Survey carried out by Essex Family Forum.

Who can complete this survey?

Any Parent or Carer of a child/children (0-25) who has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.

  • You can complete the survey more than once if you have more than one child with SEND. 
  • Your child/young person does not need to have a diagnosis.
  • Your child/young person does not need to have an Education, Health & Care Plan.  

About the questions in this survey
It may seem that there are lots of questions in the survey - they will not all be applicable to everyone.  You will not be shown questions that are not relevant to your families' circumstances.   Lots of the questions are multiple choice and are very quick to answer.   

Why are we conducting this survey?

We are conducting this survey to measure the current levels of parental satisfaction with local services for SEND Families and to compare with the data collected within our previous surveys.  As the Parent Carer Forum we know that there is work being undertaken to improve services for children and young people with SEND.  However, we are also aware that families' experiences are still inconsistent and can vary greatly.  
What difference will it make? 
This survey will help identify where there is positive impact from the changes being made, but also what the barriers to a positive experience for families still are.  As the Parent Carer Forum we use your feedback in this survey to influence further policy decisions and work to develop support and information for families like our "Supporting your Neurodiverse Child" resource pack. 
*A number of questions are the same or similar to our previous Family Impact Surveys.  Please answer all the questions that are relevant to your family, even if you have answered them in our previous survey.  
**Please make sure you click DONE on the final page when you are finished, otherwise your responses will not be shown as complete. 
*** The time needed to complete this survey will be dependent on how many sections are relevant to your family.  There is the option to Save and revisit the survey if you cannot complete it in one go.   

The Survey will be open from 1st February 2024 to 17th March 2024
1% of survey complete.