Once-in-a-lifetime restoration field trip to Broken Hill, NSW!

WE ARE JUST SEEKING PRELIMINARY NUMBERS.  However if you wish to send an expression of interest at this stage please email info@albertmorrisaward.org

AABR, SERA, ANPC and GA are planning a once-in-a lifetime restoration-themed field trip to Broken Hill - with organised activities occurring on three days (22-24 August 2017). The purpose is to celebrate the (1937) pioneering role of the Broken Hill Regeneration Reserves in ecological restoration in Australia and link with locals involved with the project.

Watch a VIDEO here about why you should join us.

While participants can arrange their own transport, accommodation and length of stay - the organised activities including options for participating in 2 mornings of bush regeneration field work or botanising in the Reserves. There will also be afternoon guided tours of the reserves and other local areas of interest (including art and heritage exhibitions).

For those joining in on the organised transport and accommodation from Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, it is anticipated that the field trip will be 8 days in length - 2 days traveling either side of 4 days in Broken Hill, including a last day that is free for sightseeing. (Broken Hill has some very interesting cultural activities.) Travel from Adelaide is likely to be only 1 day in each direction. Organised tours will be on a cost recovery (non-profit) basis and all costs will be minimised. Good quality van park accommodation is the likely level of accommodation.

Participants are invited to come from any part of Australia and there is potential for organising minibuses from major cities.

We are asking you to please fill in this 'expression of interest' survey ASAP. Doing so will help us plan the event and work out transport and accommodation needs in time to book the van parks, buses, tour guides and dinner venue.