Artificial Intelligence

You can fill in this pre-survey form ahead of the webinar on artificial intelligence (AI) in education that will take place on Thursday 27 February 2020, at 17:00h CET.

AI refers to systems that display intelligent behavior by analysing their environment and taking actions - with some degree of autonomy - to achieve specif goals. You can read more about AI from this communication from the European Commission.

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* 1. To what extent do the following statements apply to your school or a school you know of?

  Fully or mostly Partially Slightly Not at all No opinion
I feel confident in using my ICT skills in the classroom
My school offers ICT training within an educational context
AI will help build and support educational environments that will allow exploring every student's capabilities
Schools are ready to prepare students for a world disrupt (positively and negatively) by AI
I feel confident to discuss with my students the challenges and opportunities raise by AI
I consider that AI topics should be integrated cross-disciplinary along with the education curriculum

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* 2. What does AI mean to you?

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* 3. How do you think AI will impact our lives in the next 10 years?