* 1. After watching our 11/28 webinar video, what questions do you have for our presenter? ACRA will publish frequently asked questions and answers on its website in the coming days.

* 2. Please rank how concerned you are about each of these issues in the new administration. Rank #1 for issue that most concerns you; #6 for issue that is of least concern.

* 3. Are there other issues that concern you in the new administration on which ACRA and its coalition partners should focus?

* 4. Which of the following advocacy activities are you willing to do, with proper training?

* 5. ACRA is helping to organize a national coalition to advocate for the CRM industry and our national preservation program. Which other groups should join this coalition? Please suggest other organizations/groups, and, if possible, list a contact person and email address for each group.

* 6. Please tell us more about you so that we can plug you into our advocacy efforts.

* 7. Please leave us any additional feedback here. Thanks so much for your time.