In this exploratory survey, researchers are collecting brief anecdotes from parents and caregivers, across Canada, which illustrate (1) experiences of guilt related to the parenting/caregiving role and (2) coping strategies for dealing effectively (or not) with such experiences. Responses will help inform researchers exploring the complex realities of today’s parents/caregivers.

For the purposes of this study, “parent” is defined broadly as the biological/adoptive parent, step-parent, guardian, or any other individual responsible for child-rearing activities. Similarly, “caregiver” is defined broadly as any individual responsible for supporting one or more adults who are unable to fully care for themselves (e.g., aging parent, adult with a disability).

By providing responses in the online survey system, respondents agree to participate in the study and permit researchers to anonymously share anecdotes within future presentations and/or publications. No identifying information (e.g., name/email) will be collected during the survey; however, respondents will be asked to share demographic information such as age, gender identity, etc.

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