What’s Next YYC seeks to celebrate and advance leadership and excellence in social entrepreneurship in Calgary and to help build our City as a social entrepreneurship hub.

We are most excited by social enterprises that:

a)   Blend the social and entrepreneurial (business) with three key elements:

                          i.          The blend of the social and entrepreneurial is mutually supportive (ideally, synergistic) and imaginative/innovative;

                        ii.          It taps into the power of the business models (selling something customers really want while making money doing it);

                      iii.          It addresses a gap in society (see definition in “Eligibility Requirements” below);

b)   Are making the most of the stage they are at; and

c)   Have a compelling vision for the ultimate impact they want to make and a high-level plan for how to get there.     


If you are interested in applying for What’s Next YYC and fit the Eligibility Requirements (see below), as a preliminary step, we ask that you please fill out the Idea Submission (see  below). The Idea Submission must be completed and sent in by April 26th 2021. Submissions that are selected to move forward will be contacted by May 12th, 2021 and will be given access to the full application and must send in the full application by June 17, 2021.

Please note that given the high volume of Idea Submissions we get, only Idea Submissions that we are moving forward with will hear from us. We also ask that you please refrain from contacting the Trico Foundation Team directly. Should you need to reach our team, please email us at info@tricofoundation.ca.

Thank you, The Trico Foundation Team

Eligibility Requirements:

·        Must be an organization based in Calgary and area (can operate outside of Calgary);

·        Charitable, non-profit and for-profit incorporation will be considered;

·        The social enterprise must use business models (the sale of a product or service) to address a gap in society (i.e. an imbalance of power consistently marginalizing one group or individual so as to cause exclusion, suffering, or dehumanization. For example, economic exclusion/poverty, social exclusion, gender inequality, challenges to good health or well-being, children and/or youth at risk, or the aged/seniors at risk);

·        Consultants, advisors, incubators, accelerators, associations, or funders that create impact by supporting other social enterprises or social enterprise-like organizations; and education initiatives; while laudable, do not qualify for What’s Next YYC;

·        Unless they have a realistic plan to develop a main customer other than Government; social enterprises whose main customer is Government, while laudable, do not qualify for the What’s Next YYC;

·        The social enterprise has received an award and/or successfully completed a capacity building program.

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* 1. Please select "yes" to indicate that your organization and the social enterprise meet all the above listed Eligibility Requirements. 

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* 2. Please confirm that, if your social enterprise is selected as a finalist, a senior member of your social enterprise team (President, CEO, CFO or Vice President) will: attend the What’s Next YYC ceremony; be available to do a two-minute pitch; and, where applicable, accept an award [Note: all these activities are to be held on the evening of November 18th, 2021 in Calgary and may be virtual].

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* 3. Name the awards the social enterprise has received and the capacity building programs it has successfully completed. Please provide a contact email for each award and program (maximum 500 words):

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* 4. Your Details

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* 5. Describe your social enterprise. Please be sure to include:

a)    the product or service it is selling;

b)    the date it was created;

c)     the date of its first sale (if no sales have been made, indicate “no sales yet”) and;

d)    the social problem it is seeking to address: (maximum 500 words)

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* 6. Please list the social enterprise’s
a) social impact, and
b) sales revenue for the years of 2019, 2020, 2021, a projection for 2022, and its ultimate goals

[Note: If any section would not apply to the social enterprise put “N/A” in that section]: (maximum 500 words)

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* 7. Is there anything else you would like us to know about how your social enterprise solves social problems/makes the world a better place? (maximum 500 words)