Tarion is seeking input on items from the Construction Performance Guidelines

Tarion is seeking public input on certain items from the Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG).

The CPG sets out the acceptable performance standards that apply to a number of the most commonly identified after-sales warranty issues. The CPG helps promote confidence in the new home construction sector by providing a consistent framework on how warranty questions may be determined.

In identifying which elements from the CPG to include in this consultation, Tarion used various data sources including Tarion's data on warranty claim items, results from the 2023 CPG Survey, and outstanding topics from the 2019 CPG review cycle.

Tarion is currently consulting on a number of proposed changes to the CPG, specifically:
  • General updates to align the CPG with the current regulatory environment and Tarion processes.
  • New Article 1.19 “Radon” which incorporates Tarion’s current approach to assessing radon concerns into the CPG for consistency and transparency.
  • Revised Article 6.14 “Sewer, Drains or Fixtures Blocked” to enhance clarity.
  • Revised Article 5.6 “Ice Buildup on the Roof” to align with the approach presented in article 2.9 "Excessive Icicle or Ice Damming Formation" from the Common Elements CPG, which has been in effect since 2012.
  • A new “Assessment Checklist for Homes with Ice Buildup on Roofs”, a new checklist to support Article 5.6 as an assessment tool for builders and Tarion staff.
You can find more details of the proposed changes in the consultation discussion guide here.

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