Study Introduction

Hi my name is Alice Moore.  I am a doctoral student at Saybrook University in California. I am completing this research as part of my doctoral degree. I am interested in studying trauma with leadership who work in the trauma field. A study goal is to shed more light into the effects of primary trauma.  It is to look at its impact on leadership, and to identify their self-help skills.

If you decide to participate, there is a cost incentive of $50 for the value of your time for completing four online surveys that take a total of 10-30 minutes to finish.  I will review your eligibility that will be based upon your responses. Eligible participants will be given $50, for completing all four surveys.  The potential direct benefits to you may be a better awareness about yourself. For instance, you may discover your own personal self-help skills.  Also you may gain more knowledge and understanding of primary trauma and it's effects.

The potential benefits to others working in the trauma field may reduce the effects of primary trauma.  For trauma survivors who seek assistance then the findings may help develop improved treatment systems.  The study findings may aid in sharing insight and theory to the general public about trauma.  If you are interested then see below if you meet the entire checklist criteria:   
  • Work in a leadership position directly supervising trauma workers, and/or oversees trauma work indirectly
  • The work place may be in direct care services BUT  YOUR  POSITION AND ROLE  DOES  NOT PROVIDE DIRECT CARE to the patient.  Positions that normally do not provide direct care services are the Director, Account Manager.
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Will list the type of trauma work you are involved (see examples of trauma work at bottom of page) 
  • Have been doing current job for at least 3 years
  • Can easily use a computer as necessary
  • Is comfortable working on a computer
If interested, and you checked yes to all the check listed items above then respond to the appropriate statement below.

* 1. No, I do not qualify:  Please click the weblink here:

* 2. Eligibility Criteria:

Examples of Trauma Work
Trauma work is working with others who have gone through direct primary trauma or work place violence or other traumatic events are considered traumatized organizations. Example list of trauma organizations that include but not limited to:

  • Law enforcement, FBI, other criminal investigation services, ambulance services, fire department, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, 911, suicide hotline
  • Disaster relief such as Red Cross, emergency room or hospitals, Red Cross, mental health services
  • Health care services
  • Fire Fighting Services