Rules and Guidelines

  • 100% Middle Level Affiliation chapters are not be eligible for prizes.
  • Urban affiliation chapters are not eligible for prizes
  • New chapters in 2020-2021 are not be eligible for prizes.
  • Unlimited FCS Leadership Development Package is not eligible for prizes. 
  • Only one application per chapter. 
  • Applications must be submitted to receive recognition.
  • Members must be affiliated by April 1. Pending or unsubmitted members will not count towards your chapter's increase. 
  • Invalid or incorrect information will result in disqualification. Applications will be checked for accuracy. 
Please note: Your chapter must increase membership from the previous school year by 10, 15, or 20 members to be eligible. (ex: you had 20 members in your chapter last school year and now you have 30 affiliated members in your chapter.) It is best to wait to apply until all your students are added into the system.