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We're glad you're considering pre-registering your student for one of our EYES School Break Programs. Please take a moment to read the information below! We look forward to connecting with you and your student in the future.

  1. Pre-registration does not secure your child's spot in the program.
    • Pre-registering your child temporarily holds their spot in our program. Your child's spot is confirmed in the program once we receive your completed required paperwork.
    • Please only pre-register your child for one of the three school break programs (Fall, Winter, or Spring Break).
  2. Parent & TNC Communication
    • Please mark us as safe senders within your email and add us to your email contacts.
    • You will receive an email from us a few weeks prior to orientation with next steps (orientation rsvp, required Vertex paperwork link, and other information). 
    • Failure to submit paperwork by the deadline will result in your child losing their temporary spot in the program.
  3. Orientation
    • Will be in-person and is a great time for staff, parents, and students to meet in one place before starting the program. We would love to meet both parents and students at orientation. We look forward to meeting you all soon!
  4. Who is our program for?
    • *Our Early Youth Employment Services (EYES) serve students 14-21 years old with a documented disability*

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