Overview of Survey

The Standards Committee has developed the following questions to collect stakeholder feedback with regard to the proposed revisions to the NASPAA Accreditation Standards. The survey may take some time to complete. We appreciate your thoughtful feedback as you consider the proposed revisions and offer your thoughts. If you prefer, you may share your feedback directly with the Standards Committee at standards@naspaa.org. 

As you work through the survey, please refer to the full Standards Revisions document as you need. It is available with tracked changes and without.

You will also find useful supplementary materials, available here, which provide a window into the thought processes behind the proposed revisions. The Standards Committee has offered some initial, rough draft clarifications to the Rationale for specific Standards, which may further contribute to your understanding of the revisions. 

As you work through the survey, you will find the newly proposed language is marked in bolded blue, with proposed deletions marked with strike through. You are encouraged to use the structured questions and comment boxes to provide your feedback. Comment boxes can be used to share comments, concerns, and/or offer suggestions for different or additional changes.