Why this survey? Why Now?
This short-term rental (STR) Survey was created in 2020 (pre-pandemic) and updated in 2023 to help the City leadership better understand community sentiment on how STRs impact livability in Manzanita. We know there's a level of concern, and we want to understand it better. This will help the City identify effective solutions to new and/or existing issues of concern that are caused by STRs. 
Through this survey (2023), we hope to answer the following: 
What is the current community sentiment about STRs from residents, part-time residents, and STR owners/managers)?
What are the greatest challenges/opportunities of STR rentals in Manzanita?
How has community sentiment evolved since the past STR (2020) survey?
What resources are available for community members who experience challenging STR guests? 
How can we best support our community in finding a balanced STR density and managing livability challenges?

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